Windows Exception Running Report with SubReports

Last Post 12 Dec 2006 04:51 AM by SQLScott. 0 Replies.
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12 Dec 2006 04:51 AM
We have a dataset with 4 datatables in it. An ssrs report has 3 sub reports. There are about 2K records in the main datatable and anywhere from 4000 to 15K or so records in each sub report datatable.

These are being populated in dot net code and then passed to ssrs.

After about 13 minutes of running, ssrs blows up with a windows exception error, the send to Microsoft dialog one. I don’t know what the real error is, but after looking at task manager, I think it’s an out of memory exception as the process is using over a gig of memory. The datasets just in memory only take up a couple hundred meg. It only goes really high after handing it to ssrs.

Any ideas or thoughts on things to check?



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