Can't reference a Group Field in Footer SUM expression!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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09 Feb 2006 09:22 AM
THERE HAS TO BE A SOLUTION FOR THIS!!!! How can I get around the limitation in SSRS 2005 of being able to SUM a Group level field in my FOOTER field's expression!!!

It's driving me nuts

rdl file can be obtained here:

My footer field's expression:

=SUM(Fields!GrossGoal1.Value, "CustomerNumber_Grp")

The GrossGoal1 group field that I'm trying to reference right above it in the same table column has:

=((Fields!FeeGoal.Value) / Fields!FeeSchedule.Value) * 100


[rsFieldReference] The Value expression for the textbox ‘GrossGoal_gt’ refers to the field ‘GrossGoal1’. Report item expressions can only refer to fields within the current data set scope or, if inside an aggregate, the specified data set scope.


[rsInvalidAggregateScope] The Value expression for the textbox ‘GrossGoal_gt’ has a scope parameter that is not valid for an aggregate function. The scope parameter must be set to a string constant that is equal to either the name of a containing group, the name of a containing data region, or the name of a data set.

I did that! I set it to my Group name of my table!!!! Am I doing this wrong???????


I am having to produce a stupid work around which is create a new dataset, tie it to a stored proc which then sums up my column's total using SQL in the stored proc instead of Reporting Services being able to reference my stupid Group field in the footer in order to sum for a grand total in the footer for that group column.

Why am I putting this in big letters? Because I'm about to pull my hair out!!!!

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