How to open hyperlink in a new window?

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20 Apr 2005 09:28 AM

Does anyone know how setup a hyperlink in my report, so that it opens in a new window instead of opening in the same window as report?

Thank you!
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07 Jun 2005 01:32 AM
Use the &rc:LinkTarget=

so you would have


If your Web application uses frames to display reports, let's say with a list of reports in a left pane and the report content in the right pane, you will need to use the rc:LinkTarget parameter to specify the name of your content frame. Otherwise, when the user clicks any embedded links in the report, the browser will redisplay the report using the whole window rather than preserving your frames for the navigation pane and the content pane.

PLEASE NOTE: You must set this property on the parent link so if you want a button to call a report that then links to another report that you want topen you need to set the property on the report and also the button thast calls the report as the target is inherited by the parent object. Default is _top (same window)


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28 Jun 2005 10:21 AM
This can be done if you are calling the report via URL or in code, but is there a way to default a report to do this or customize a hyperlink if you are using the default interface for the reports? i.e. http://server/reports.
Other than creating an entirely new interface for the reports (which is a waste of time for me since I'm within an intranet scenario and the default interface meets ~99% of my needs) I don't know of a way to do this...

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