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Last Post 03 Aug 2007 12:41 AM by Stueyd. 1 Replies.
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26 Jul 2007 06:04 AM
Hi there!

Apologies in advance if this is a really dumb question but i'm really new to RS.
We have created some reports.
When a user with just 'browser' security subscribes to this report it puts the users NT user name in the "To" email field rather than their actual email address.
This field is also greyed out so that they cannot change it.
Is it possible to a) populate the field with the correct email address or b) allow the user to change the field to the correct address?

This particular server is SQL 2000 Enterprise Edition SP4 on Windows 2000 Advanced Server with IIS installed and SQL Mail setup.


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03 Aug 2007 12:41 AM
In case anyone comes across this in future....

As RS is using SMTP and not exchange there is no simple way for this field to be auto populated.
From articles i've found on the web it appears you can get your Developers to knock something up that talks to the API.
And apparently if you're using Active Directory things get a bit easier (we're not.. yet).
The simplest solution I found was just to allow the field to be edited by the user and to do this just edit the RSReportServer.config file and the parameter

<SendEmailToUserAlias>True</ SendEmailToUserAlias>

Just make it False instead of true.

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