Reporting Services 2005 Month name?

Last Post 20 Nov 2006 12:34 PM by monte_SQL. 1 Replies.
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17 Aug 2006 04:26 AM
I've set up a model and am using Report Builder to write a report. The data source view included a date field and the month of the date field was automatically available when I genrated the model. Only problem is, this fieldis int and I want to diaply as "January", "February" etc. Short of putting a MONTHNAME() calculated field in the data source view, is there any simple way of doing this?
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New Member

20 Nov 2006 12:34 PM

I couldn't find a way to pull the Month Name. However the below if you add this to the data field in the data tab it will atleast pull the abbreviated Month Name. Not sure if this helps. But thought I would suggest it.

left(convert(varchar(50), date_setup, 100), 3) as [Month]


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