Problems with Bar Chart Series Groups - SSRS 2005

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07 Mar 2006 09:53 AM
I am trying to create a bar chart that looks like this:
---------------------------------------------------------- (sketch from a user).

ignore the first set of bars in the above, I'm just trying to create the rest for AZ and IL..the other 2 sets of bars in my chart in SSRS 2005

I have created a dataset that runs a stored proc and resturns the following values:

My bar chart looks like this in layout mode:

And my results do not look like what I want:

Questions / Problems

1) Why is it not giving me just 3 bars for IL and 3 bars for AZ based on the series groups GrossGoal, InHouse2, and ProjFee? It's instead just showing one bar for all 3 fields - as seen in the legend

I should be getting 3 columns per category...see below

"Series groups are optional. The series group list is used to provide dynamic groups of data in the chart. For example, in a column chart, data from the categories list will result in a column for each series group, in each category."

2) How can I get this to work for both IL and AZ? this is more complicated than originally thought

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