Default Date in Date parameter field

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28 Jun 2006 11:32 PM
Hello SQL Reporting Service Expert

Reporting Service 2005 seems to be behaving strange. I have a DateTime parameter, EndDate which is nothing but the current date by default.

i want to set the current date as default in it.

In the Default-values, Non queried i choose =Today but when i run the report in preview i get to see that the field is disable and cannot enter anything or choose from the date icon next to it.

could anybody help.

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02 Aug 2006 02:44 PM
Report Parameters:
Name: Date (your variable)
Prompt: Enter Date
Data Type: DateTime

Default values:
non-queried =Globals!ExecutionTime

the key is in the default values, let me know if this helps...

-- Ralph Perez
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19 Dec 2006 11:52 AM
Thanks this Tip was very Good for me Too.

But i have another Question?

I will set the Default Date from the Parameter 3 days in the Past !

Can anyone give me a Tip?

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26 Jan 2007 01:55 AM
use dateadd

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