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Red Sox in 2002
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14 Oct 2005 07:29 AM
I created a report that I want to run every day at 8 AM. Under Properties/Execution I clicked on 'render the report from a snapshot', then clicked on 'Use the following schedule to create execution snapshots' and set a schedule for the report. So far so good, a SQL Server job appeared with the appropriate schedule. The job was named something like 'WUHUWH-234LSUF-OIERI' (hitherto referred to as 'gobbledeegook'). Since I am going to be creating a lot of these report snapshot jobs I renamed the job (to 'Experience Report Snapshot') so I'd have some idea of what reports the SQL jobs referred to. This seemed to run fine until a couple of days later I noticed that there were 2 snapshots for the report in the report history. I checked the SQL jobs and found a job under the 'gobbledeegook' name (it looks like this name is the scheduleID in one of the RS tables). So, it appears that Reporting Services periodically checks to see if there is a SQL job for every scheduleID in the RS database. If there isn't a corresponding job Reporting Services adds the job. So, what I plan to do is to now turn off the 'Use the following schedule to create execution snapshots' checkbox in Reporting Services. Presumably this will prevent Reporting Services from recreating the SQL job, although it does create a situation where Reporting Services shows that a report is NOT scheduled but there actually is a SQL Agent job. I find this the lesser of 2 evils, the other evil being scores or even hundreds of jobs named 'gobbledeegook'.

1) Does anyone know of a better solution for this problem? Am I missing something?


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