Alter Index ONLINE = ON/OFF

Last Post 11 Jun 2009 12:20 AM by fosdba. 1 Replies.
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10 Jun 2009 12:35 AM
Hi Guys,

I'm trying to pull wheteher an index is set for ONLINE = ON/OFF ? Something to this effect ...

--Get index details
Select as TableName, tbl.object_id as ObjectID, as IndexName, ind.index_id as IndexID, as SchemaName, par.partition_number as PartitionNo
from sys.tables tbl
inner join sys.indexes ind on tbl.object_id = ind.object_id
inner join sys.partitions par on ind.object_id = par.object_id and ind.index_id = par.index_id
inner join sys.schemas sch on sch.schema_id = tbl.schema_id
where tbl.type = 'U' and not like 'sys%' and
ind.index_id > 0 --ignore heap

I can not find this setting in the above system tables or in sysindexes, sys.columns, sys.index_columns. Can somebody please explain to me how I must go about to get this ONLINE info ?

Thanks in advance
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New Member

11 Jun 2009 12:20 AM

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