SQL Server Encryption Library (RC4 Free)

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10 May 2006 11:02 AM

SQLcrypto is a suite of cryptographic extended procedures written in C/C++ language. It provides an affordable and effective security solution for your database server. It currently supports industrially recognizable symmetric ciphers and hash algorithms.

Ciphers include AES, Blowfish, CAST5, Triple DES, DESX, IDEA, RC4, and RC5. Message digestion algorithms include MD5, SHA-1, and RIPEMD-160.

They are based on OpenSSL Crypto engine for most of the cryptographic operations. It is high performance, highly reliable, highly compatible and highly secure.

Whenever administrators and developers need to perform cryptographic operations on database data, it is only a matter of mouse clicks to insert encryption/decryption and hash functions into existing store procedures and queries without the necessity of recompiling the whole application.

SQLcrypto provides a complete data privacy solution for database management including a variety of strong encryption algorithms and templates to build your own cryptographic procedures. In Microsoft SQL Server, Transact-SQL developers can access to a rich set of cryptographic functions as well as hash functions in their native SQL language without undergoing any additional training. Applications are empowered with the ability to extend the current SQLcrypto features as well as to design entirely independent solutions.

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