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18 Jun 2008 08:53 AM
I have a user role that is allowed DDl_Admin rights in several databases. i do not want to give ownership of these databases to this group. I have received the feedback from some users that they want to ba able to modify tables using the right click menus rather than through the ALTER TABLE statements. I can not find any way to accomplish this, has anyone else faced this challenge?

Thanks -
Dan W
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26 Jun 2008 07:00 PM
Not so, rm.

Hannafom, I was able to have a user change a table design (invoked with right-clicking on the table and selecting "Design") in SSMS of SQL Server 2005 by only having the following rights:

-member of ddl_admin (as you mentioned, I didn't try it without this membership)
-Granting the following. I assigned it with database permissions in SSMS, and trimmed the not-so-necessary lines from the script returned by SSMS, and changed my user name


I was able to add columns to a table, even though I didn't even have permission to select the data from it, which I find personally amazing, having done a lot of work with Microsoft Access.

I got a couple messages stating I might not be able to save the table, but I was still able to save it.

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