Can't grant acces to a group in 2005

Last Post 06 Apr 2007 07:03 AM by JHunter. 1 Replies.
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06 Apr 2007 06:51 AM
In SQL 2000, we were able to add a domain group to grant access to a database to a group of users who were members of that group. In SQL 2005, this doesn't appear to work. When we add the domain users individually, we are able to get it to work. Has this capability been removed for 2005 or are we doing something wrong?
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06 Apr 2007 07:03 AM
Nope, that functionality is still there.

You add a new login under Security\Logins of the form DOMAIN\Group.

Then, within a database, under Database\Security\Users create a new new user (I normally use "group" from above - I hate seeing domain names in my databases), map it to the login you just created, and associate it with a schema (dbo if nothing else).


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