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18 Sep 2008 06:51 AM
In my SQL environment access to SQL Server resources is managed by granting access to Active Directory Groups in Active Directory and mapping the logins into the relevant databases.

An AD User account in maybe a member of 1 or more groups that have access granted to a given sql server, if a user account is in >1 group that has been granted access to a SQL server how does SQL Server determine the default settings for the user session?

This becomes a particularly problematic issue when User 1 is a member of 2 groups A & B. Group A has a default language of US English bacause that is a requirement for Database A and Group B has a default language of British english because that is a requirement for database B.

What will be the default language of User 1's session?
Is it possible to define the default language at database user level?
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09 Feb 2009 08:03 AM

Did you ever get any helpful resolution to this? I have had a number of similar problems which with SQL 2005 are at least easier to trouble shoot using Exec xp_logininfo '<username>', 'all'. But I have not found any explanation as to what controls which group is used therefore which laguage is picked up.


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