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C.J. Vieleers
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13 Apr 2011 12:42 PM


I have a customer with the following problem.

There is a table named tblMaterials. In one of the columns of the table there are currency numbers stored.

When the customer uses a T-SQL statement, the results shows numbers like: 12.000 and 1.000. In other words it shows the numbers with a period. Now when the customers calls the records with the management studio(opening the table) it shows the same numbers using a comma. In this case 12,000 and 1,000.

How is this possible? Is it perhaps a setting in the Management Studio?
The version of SQL is 2005 (more detail: 9.00.4053.00


Kick Vieleers

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New Member

13 Apr 2011 01:54 PM
It is probably related to their current language setting. What does SELECT @@LANGUAGE show for the server language setting? Now look at the clients windows language setting and see if they are different. The grid for the SSMS table results doesn't always line up with the Query Editor in some cases. SSMS is a gui and it is most likely picking up the Language (and other) settigns from the host os (the client machine) and the grid is doing some formatting according to the language of the host OS. The query editor on the other hand is simply returning the data. If you want it formatted a specific way in the query editor then use CONVERT() and specify the proper option. In some cases you can issue SET LANGUAGE xxx on that session of the Query Editor and see similar results.

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