Add primary key to a partioned table

Last Post 16 Nov 2008 07:22 AM by sqlserverdeveloper. 0 Replies.
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16 Nov 2008 07:22 AM
I have created partition on an existing table, Steps I followed are as follows:

Created partition function
Created partition scheme
I tried to drop index , but could not because of composite primary key, so I have dropped primary key and recreated clustered Index on partition scheme assuming that primary key will be added automatically after creation of index, but it did not create primary key.
So I am trying to figure it out how to add composite primary key to table. I cannot leave table with out primary key.

So far I see that data in the table is partitioned as I required, but only composite primary key is missing on the table.
Can any one please advise how can I resolve this problem. Thanks!

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