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03 Dec 2009 09:20 AM
I'm new to the xml world and i'm a bit confused with some openxml syntax. Here's part of the syntax below

from openxml (@idoc,'/cXML/Request/OrderRequest',1)
with (
payload_id varchar(50) '../../@payloadID'
,order_timestamp varchar(50) '../../@timestamp'
,order_date varchar(50) 'OrderRequestHeader/@orderDate'
,po_no varchar(25) 'OrderRequestHeader/@orderID'
,order_type varchar(25) 'OrderRequestHeader/@orderType'
,type varchar(25) 'OrderRequestHeader/@type'
,order_total money 'OrderRequestHeader/Total/Money'
,comment varchar(255) 'OrderRequestHeader/Comments'
,contact varchar(50) 'OrderRequestHeader/Contact/Name'
,email varchar(100) 'OrderRequestHeader/Contact/Email'
can anyone tell me what the difference is between an @orderType and Comments? why is one prefixed with the "@" symbol and the other is not?


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