Where to find good sources on SSIS 2005 projects.

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26 Sep 2007 01:28 PM

Hi all,

I am fairly new to SSIS 2005 and I am looking for a good sources/projects or subscribe to articles on SSIS 2005. I bought several books on SQL Server 2005 IS prof and SSIS 2005 step by step and look into almost all the chapters but they do not help me that much. I am looking for a projects that show me how to transfer data from one server to another but in between there are a lot of JOIN tables and data cleaning up before populate into destination server. Especially, I have to loop through 150 databases and Join through numerious tables. Do you know where to find such a good sources on SSIS that can help me. Any recommendation would greatly APPRECIATE.

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26 Sep 2007 04:04 PM
Your requirement is heavy duty! Too complex for training.

I would be interested to learn more about it.

Kalman Toth
SQL Server 2005 Training

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