FTP Connection Manager and FTP Task

Last Post 19 Oct 2007 12:07 AM by pelleS. 2 Replies.
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13 Sep 2007 09:29 AM
Hello All,

I have an SSIS package set up to FTP a file from the local server to an internal FTP Site. It works fine in BIS but when I call it from a job it fails because the password is missing. Everytime I go into the FTP Connection manager the password is gone. Can someone point me in the right direction on how to get this to work. This is the last piece of this process and it's really bothering me.


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19 Oct 2007 12:07 AM
Hello mattbing.

I've played around a little bit and I think your problem is in the property field ProtectionLevel for the package.

I think the default is "EncryptSensitiveWithUserKey" and here is some description
-Encrypts only the sensitive information in the package by using keys based on the current user. Only the same user using the same profile can load the package. If a different user opens the package, the sensitive information is replaced with blanks and the current user must provide new values for the sensitive data. If the user attempts to execute the package, package execution fails. DPAPI is used for this encryption.

When your'e running the package from a job your changing Who is running the package and I guess it is not You ;-)

Hope You solve it
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22 Nov 2007 10:49 AM
Another way (beside cmdexec) is to create configuration for the package. That way a production DBA can manage the package without using BIDS.

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