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19 May 2008 10:33 PM
I am very new to this forum and believe that all of you out there and doing a good job in helping others.

well then let me come to the problem that i am facing.

I have a linked server from SQL SERVER 2005 to ORACLE 10g Database. I can query from SQL and get the results from the Oracle Database.

I have a table in Oracle named as SCHD_INTERFACE. Given below is the fields with the data in it.

Gendata ModuleID ModGrpCode Starttime Finishtime Roomid Weekday LecturerID
13498 NULL NULL 10:00 10:50 NULL 1 000002721
13498 FDSC200 51 10:00 10:50 MQ8020 1 700012111

I would like to write a query which helps me to update the value of Moduleid,Modgrpcode and Roomid which is currently NULL in the first row from the row below it.

There should be a way of doing that.

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