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27 Nov 2007 12:32 PM
i need to create SSIS package which will do the following

1. Send email task begins
2. Export data to a txt files from 3 huge tables (2 mil each). Each table will correspond to its own txt file

How do i force SSIS to run it at the same time? in parallel.

What i did so far is i cerated first task (email notification)
and then i have three tasks under it so i suppose they will start right after email but they dont

How do i run three exports at the same time?
New Member
New Member

27 Nov 2007 08:56 PM
Probably the default setting allows parallel execution.

EngineThreads is a parameter which maybe changed.

Make sure you don't have green arrows (precedene constraints) from one to another!

Kalman Toth, Business Intelligence Architect
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