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03 May 2007 05:12 AM
In our staging area before we move data to a warehouse, we have a COSTS table that contains an additive amount value, and a related table BUCKET_TYPE that relates each row in COSTS to a bucket it belongs to.

When our warehouse was initially designed, a the data for the fact table was collected and dropped into the COST fact table using a pivot query. The result of the pivot query was a column for each bucket. So in essence, we ended up with a fact table with 53 measures.

FACT TABLE DEFINITION (ID's represent FKs for 11 dimensions)


My question is, does it not make more sense to create a BUCKET dimension and have a single AMOUNT measure in the dimension table? Each month, there is approx 20 million rows added to the FACT table if we use the Pivot.
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05 May 2007 01:13 AM
Is this an operational or design question?

Operationally probably makes sense, because not easy to deal with a stretched-out pivot table of 53 columns.

Design-wise, would there be a user for the new BUCKET dimension? If not, probably better to keep it as is.

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