Tracking changes in database via Cubes

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11 Jun 2009 05:57 AM
I have cube that holds counts of records based on a number of dimensions. Its built from a data source view which is actually a SQL server view.

Our database data gets replaced with a completely new dataset every few weeks and I want to be able to add the counts for the updated data to my cube to compare the counts for this dataset to the last one. The date of the data load will be the dimension used to compare the two most recent data loads. The view has a field called 'rundate' which comes through fine to the cube.

Whats the best way of adding a whole new batch of aggregated data to the existing SSAS database rather than replacing/refreshing which won't keep the old counts for comparison? I am trying to avoid creating a new cube for each data update as I'm not even sure Excel can easily display two cubes data side by side.

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