Linking measure groups using AMO gives cube processing errors

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07 Jun 2008 12:44 AM

We have a windows application which uses SQL Server 2000 and Analysis Services 2000. Our product makes use of the Virtual Cubes feature in AS 2000.

Moving ahead we intend to use SQL Server 2005 and Analysis Services 2005 (which doesn't support virtual cubes). As recommended we plan to go for linked measure groups as a replacement for virtual cubes. I did try things with the 'Linked Object Wizard' and I can see summary data in my cube containing linked measure groups.

However it doesn't work when I do things using AMO.
I have a template cube (containing default measure, dimensions, measure groups). During the service run as and when a data cube is created (cloned from the template cube), I create a cube named Overall cube (again cloned from the template cube). I link the measure group in the data cube to the Overall Cube. Now when the Overall cube is processed it gives an error saying -
"Microsoft.AnalysisServices.OperationException: Errors in the metadata manager. The 'GPRS_Overall' cube has a measure with the ID of 'CDR ID' in more than one measure group."

When I delete the 1st measure group (the one which comes at the time of cloning) from the Overall cube, the processing goes well and I'm able to browse the Overall cube.

Things work fine till the time the second data cube is created. I drop the existing Overall cube, recreate it by cloning from the template cube and link measure groups from both the data cubes. Now, I'm removing the 1st measure group and then attempting the processing, but it still gives the same error.

I'm using <CubeName>.LinkMeasureGroup(sourceMeasureGroup, dataSourceId, measureGroupName) to link the measure groups.

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09 Jun 2008 12:30 AM
Have you checked how the AdventureWorks cube is setup with multiple measures groups?

You can use perspectives to create "mini" cubes inside the overall cube.

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