windows authentication for another user

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16 Jun 2010 11:11 AM
when I tried to connect to a sql server through management studio, I first got the log in screen.
On the login window, I can enter server name, and then choose either windows authentication or sql authentication.

My question is: for windows authentication, it always picks up whatever username I logged in for the computer, but is there a way that I change to another windows account?

for example, I login my local computer using my regular login ame JSmith.

But when I tried to connect to a remote sql server using that account, I got access denied message.
I would like to change the windows authentication using my another admin account -JSmith-Adm, then I should be able to connect to that server.

How can I change that? I know I can do that by competely log off the computer and logined in using that JSmith-adm account, then connect to sql server using windows authentication.
But that's really inconvient. is there a way to change the login user for windows authentication

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New Member

17 Jun 2010 04:14 AM
Can't do that in ssms, but can try run ssms with another account. Just thought, I never did that.

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