SQL 2005 & SharePoint 2007 Setup

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07 Aug 2009 05:34 AM
We have just install SharePoint 2007 but I believe the person who install it could have done a better job. The database server is a standalone box (that has 8 CPUs) with three drives.
Drive “C” 35000MB (Total), 27512MB (Free);
Drive “D” 104971MB (Total) 104146MB (Free),
Drive “E”409598MB (Total) 409517MB (Free).
All of the databases are on drive “D” including the system databases; I would have preferred master, model & msdb on the “C” drive and tempdb on several equal disks. Would it be in our best interest to reconfigure the database files and have one tempdb database file per physical core (using the Alter database command)? Any suggest would be appreciated.

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