Break Cluster into One-Node Standalone - URGENT!

Last Post 11 Jun 2009 07:39 AM by SQL_Jr. 1 Replies.
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11 Jun 2009 06:18 AM
The company wants me to break a two node Active-Active cluster into a standalone with two-instances ASAP!
Therefore, I need to know, what is the steps involved, and please help my understanding,

If I simply failover the Node from A to B, and remove Node A, I essentially have a one-node SQL Cluster. Can and is it recommended to leave it as is? Or, is there something I need to do to remove the "cluster/virtual aspects" of it? Is there a simple way to do this without rebuilding the entire sql servers/instances?

Please answer all the above elements. TIA! URGENT!
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New Member

11 Jun 2009 07:39 AM
OK, I answered my own question.

We have decided since this server is inactive, but need to maintain the data online, we will "live" with a one-node cluster as-is, to avoid rebuild.

Therefore, I took the following action:

1. Failed everything over to B
2. Evicted Node A
3. Confirmed connectivity to both SQL Instances.

Hope this helps someone else down the road.

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