Convert days into month buckets

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21 Jul 2009 10:38 AM

I have to do a aging of the stock that we have.

I am getting some problems in getting the items to fall into the correct aging buckets.

the code below is what I am using

INSERT INTO SAATempMth3 (Aging_Date,iflrd,NumberofMonths,item,ijavgcost)
SELECT aging_date,iflrd,datediff (month,iflrd, getdate())as NumberofMonths,ijitem,ijavgcost
FROM Temp_Stock_Aging
WHERE datediff (month,iflrd, getdate()) > '2'
and datediff (month,iflrd, getdate()) <= '3'

now this code works ok, but what I am being told is that I should use a date difference, but how do I use datedifference and a get them to fall into the month buckets ???

e.g. the code that I am using works fine is iflrd=20090425 and getdate =20090630

but the code is wrong if I have iflrd=20090525 and getdate=20090630

Any help please !!!!
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New Member

21 Jul 2009 01:18 PM
You want to search for a value which is GREATER than 2, and also LESS THAN OR EQUAL to 3?
Well, the sad truth is that the only value satisfying the filter is 3.

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