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04 Dec 2008 05:38 PM
I have a need to update part of a column that has a production UNC path to a specific directory file and need to replace it to a test directory path instead

Table Template_Dir has Column (Template_Path) with "\\SERVER1\Reports\%inc\%report\" value
I need to just replace \\SERVER1\Reports with "\\NEWSERVER\Reports\%inc\%report\" on any occurence that has \\SERVER1\Reports in the Template_Path Column

I figured its like UPDATE Template_Dir SET Template_Path = '\\NEWSERVER\Reports\???' WHERE Dept = 'HR'

I need to maintain the current UNC path after \\NEWSERVER\Reports\ (\%inc\%report) and just change \\SERVER1\Reports\ part of the whole UNC path

Appreciate help on this newbie update.
New Member
New Member

05 Dec 2008 02:21 AM
UPDATE Template_Dir
SET Template_Path = REPLACE(Template_Path, '\\SERVER1\', '\\NEWSERVER\')

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