Update trigger with a join

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05 Dec 2007 07:51 AM
Trigger not firing on update
Reply Quote Delete Edit Favorites Contact I have a master table in a database when updated has to change a location field in other db tables on the same server by a trigger. This update is done from a join linking this table to a change table.

For example

Update patientmaster
set location = location from changetable where patientmaster.id =changetable.id

This is usually about 3-500 rows

The problem I am having is that the patientmaster table loctation is changing but not the tables that the trigger should have updated.

If I change the update statement to include an id it will work, which will mean going to a cursor for the update. is this correct behavior or a bug/issue? One of the tables being updated is very wide (almost 8000 bytes)

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23 Dec 2007 11:26 AM
Can you post your trigger?

Is it active?

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