VERY POOR Quality - SQL Magazine Print version

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12 Jun 2008 09:24 PM
Scenario = on train reading paper version, no computer close by.
While recently reading an interesting article by Itzik, I was very frustrated to find many references to "web Listing n". This completely ruined the article and many others. Please can't we have the full article in the printed magazine?

The content is getting lighter by the month. There are mostly advertisements, which is understandable and I have purchased many of the products, however the remaining pages don’t cut it.

There are three "basic", "fundamental", and "101" articles in the current issue. This is not what I'd expect of the industry standard magazine for SQL Server Professionals. This sort of stuff in freely available on the internet, at numerous training courses and in BOL.

I’ve subscribed for many years now, but will not be renewing due to the simple value proposition, i.e. high cost for low content.

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