Too DARN Slow!

Last Post 02 Feb 2005 07:34 PM by Maverick. 1 Replies.
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13 Jan 2005 08:22 AM
This site is a great resource. the DBAs who use it demonstrate great teamwork in addressing our communities problems. That has been true for years.
The site is among the slowest sites I ever use and I would not use it the DBA's were not here to help and serve.

SQL Mag guys -- get rid of the RAID 10 scsi array supporting your 2 processor desktop server with 2 GIG of ram. Buy a 4 way box with 8 GIG ram and back it with a SAN providing many data paths and a very big cache. Try using a load balanced web cluster. If you cannot get it working on Windows, use something that works faster.

You are supposed to be skillful windows engineers. The consistently lousy performance of the site demonstrates that you don't have what it takes to be a solid technical resource; you do not put good performance skills into practice.

So, if you did one thing, you would get the hardware and the efficient code to make this turtle of a site run like a rabbit.

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02 Feb 2005 07:34 PM
Get rid of that coldfusion!! I remember that was the same problems that computer had and there solution was to change over to .net which seems to have given them better proformace out of there servers. You should do the same coldfusion is just not ready for the bigtime yet. Here's a question why was coldfusion selected out of all the things to use?

check out there case study click here

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