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Last Post 16 Jun 2005 04:26 PM by eramgarden_SQL. 3 Replies.
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08 Jun 2005 09:19 PM
Not sure if it is just me but a few niggles about the site design that could proove annoying;

The list of "latest postings" on the start page appears to no longer update, this I thought was my browser but all other pages seem to update OK.

The removal of the combo box which listed the forums gave a quick and simple way to browse around the various forums, I now seem to have to back out and the navigate back down to the next forum by which time the latest posting are no longer hihlighted.

Some advertisers are clearly hot favourites as their advert appears to have been designed as a popup and therefore float on top of drop down menus, hhhhmmmmmmmm.

Has anyone else experienced the same or am I just lucky to have this functionality?
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16 Jun 2005 04:26 PM
Yes, I have this issue too:

"The list of "latest postings" on the start page appears to no longer update"
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30 Jun 2005 07:20 PM
It's midnight and I'm tired so I won't go into a lot of detail now. If I were to give a one word suggestion about site redesign it would be "Please, I beg you!" Oh, wait that was a four word answer.

Well, that's better than the 4-letter words I think of when using your search engine. Maybe you can start there. No matter how careful one tries to be with search criteria, a ton of unwanted junk comes up. Is it possible to do boolean searches? If so, please write an article explaining how it works. Maybe I'm spoiled by Google?

Why are basic things like listing all reviews on SQL Server products so difficult? And what is going on with "Monthly Passes to get full access to content" showing up all over the place after I've aleady subscribed?

Honestly, I forgot why I didn't renew last time until I paid for another subscription and logged in. If your magizine goes under, it will be cause of poor Web site design.
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23 Sep 2005 07:34 AM
site is ok... but seems like you have a while yet to work out
some of the bugs.

i see how the use has dropped off a bit.

you'll get it working i'm sure, but for now it's not
exactly responding as best it could be.

search capabilities have been drastically reduced.

any one else experience problems with the forums search?

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