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30 Sep 2004 03:42 AM
I'd tend to agree with this; I find some threads get a lot of detailed help, whereas I agree that others get minimal input at best. Many times this seems to be people just chipping-in with any sort of comment (however unhelpful), and I'm forced to wonder if this is simply a way of people boosting their ranking? Whilst the majority of people out there do offer genuinely helpful advice, there are some people whose posts are numbered in the high thousands, and if they were giving detailed helpful advice on all of those it would become a full-time job, so clearly they aren't.

Come on, people - quality, not quantity. People who post questions on here are usually either novices, who need some slightly more detailed assistance than "Look it up in BOL" (which I see far too often), or else are experienced people who have tried the documentation approach, but who are still stuck and want some advice based on real-world experience.

Short one-liners are rarely what they are seeking in either case. I'd prefer it if people avoided posting any response unless they have something constructive to say.

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