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23 May 2011 10:12 AM

I am trying to import some data from excel.

Some columns (when they are not number) are not imported.

Can someone help?

I am using the import data wizard.

Thank you

138026009     tertetetwertwertwertwe                           802548
138024006     wertwertwertwertwert                              8245171
138025002     wertwertwertwertwretwet                        8424514
138023000    wetrwetrwetrwetrwertwe                          8784544
138027005    retretwertwetrwertwertwetr                      06245
95030000     wetwetrwertwetrwertwetr                          8745111
108830004   etwetrwetwetwertwetwert                         1451
101845006   wetwetwertwetrwertwert                            21444441
61111007     wertwertwertwertwert                                121444
41351002     wertwertwertwertwert                                12444
124164005   wertwertwertwerwert                                  12441
65592000    etwertwertwetrwetr                                       12411
s4.01-2343  etwertwetrwetrwert                                      12144

Note - in the fisrt column, data is imported as Null, everytime values are not numeric like s4.01-2343   in the second column data is imported with no problem.   In the third column after import the first four rows all the data is imported as null... 
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23 May 2011 11:40 AM
That's data type issue in excel, ensure column has same data type as in sql table.
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10 Nov 2011 12:02 AM
You can review the column mappings before you execute the import task. This way you can set data types as you wish. The wizard might have defined wrong data type for conversion of Excel data type to SQL Server data types.
Be sure that all columns are selected for import process, some may be marked for not to transport

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