System Objects in Primary FileGroup

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23 Nov 2010 05:38 AM
I have been reading on various websites that a recommended best practice is to create Primary and Secondary FileGroups.

The Primary FileGroup should contain System related objects.
The Secondary FileGroup should contain user created objects, which would be the Default FileGroup.
Since Master and MSDB are databases unto themselves, I am a bit confused. If I am creating a database, what is an example of system objects I would put in the Primary FileGroup?

We are running SQL 2008 Enterprise.
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23 Nov 2010 06:43 AM
You don't put or create any system objects per se they are created in the primary filegroup when the database is created. These are all the system tables, views, procedures etc. Most have a sys schema these days but not all. In any case all you need to do is create the db with the primary file of about 20MB and that should be fine. Then create a secondary filegroup with 1 or more files of what ever sizes are best for your situation and mark that as the default filegroup. But you should always get in the habit of specifying the filegroup you want the objects created in even if it is the default so there is never a mistake. This is especially true when you have multiple secondary filegroups.

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