Shrink LogFile and Status

Last Post 17 Apr 2002 03:00 AM by d.pezzi. 0 Replies.
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17 Apr 2002 03:00 AM

The situation is this:
I have a transaction log of about 2Gbyte, but the real dimension of data is not more than 200 Mbyte.
Now I tryed to truncate the log file with all the tips published on this site and I used the function DBCC LOGINFO to analyze the file.
With my surprise I noticed that almolst all the records have the filed STATUS set to 2. I thought that only one record can be set to the value of 2.
So, in this situation the dimension of the file can be reduced because all the transaction log is 'active'. Is it possible?

So, what's the problem with my transaction log file?
Can anyone help me in resolving my problem?

Thanks, Dario.

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