Scrambling a SSN or Lastname

Last Post 10 Apr 2002 07:52 PM by bmccaig. 0 Replies.
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10 Apr 2002 07:52 PM
Hello ,
I have been tasked to sanitize an application db(SQL Server) and scramble a couple of fields like Social Security Number, Firstname, Lastname, and EMployee ID.
This is for a demo version of a production db for a trade show.

Assuming all the fields are character.

Can someone suggest an algorirthym that is easy to create and run fast the tables I have to modify are about 70K rows and there are about 20 tables.

Example of what I mean by scrambling:
Assume it is all character data and I want a SSN 991-09-2323 to become 323-49-9988 and the Name John Jones to become John [keep the first name the same]Kppft you get the idea.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.


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