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Last Post 10 Feb 2005 11:35 PM by JohanBar. 0 Replies.
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10 Feb 2005 11:35 PM
Hi guys,

We're running a very trustworty SQL 6.5 to print labsheets with Crystal reports: 4 records fits per A4 page using a continuous feeder with pixel printing. Those printers are coming far and new inbetween.

The old printer had a min. form size of 8cm - the new one 10cm. It obviously overshoots on each sheet because its impossible to set the form size smaller than that 10cm hard limit (it simply dissapears from the WinXP and other Win printing config box if you attempt to set the form size smaller.

The only solution I feel is possible, is to either print 2 forms per page - setting the page to 16cm (8x2) - (heaven knows how) or ideally to back up the feeder 2cm - does anyone know if there's a way to past this printing limit?

Thanks allot

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