Running a job outside of SQL Server Agent.

Last Post 06 Apr 2006 05:27 AM by Markus_SQL. 0 Replies.
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06 Apr 2006 05:27 AM
In SQL Svr 2000 I have a job which has two steps, the first step is a dts package and the second step is a Transact SQL that will run if step1 completes successfully.

We have an external scheduling package to run things so I need to figure out what executeable I can give them to run this. I know for the DTS package I can goto the CMD prompt and cut/paste the dtsrun command, however, how do I get the executable for the Transact SQL step ? It basically executes a handful of stored procs... Do I need to save them in a file or a .bat script ????

Any help would be appreciated....

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