Creating user Stored Procs in Master DB

Last Post 19 May 2006 01:58 PM by cmdr_jpskywalker. 1 Replies.
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New Member

19 May 2006 04:18 AM

Looking at the database, the vendor has created user stored procs, yes, starting with "sp_" in the Master DB.

When I double click, i get an msg that the sp is "encypted".

Is it bad idea to create user SPs in Master DB? I know MS doesnt recommand starting user SPs with "sp_"
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New Member

19 May 2006 01:58 PM
sp and xp are usually MS prefixes and you tend to leave the master database alone. use other prefix (like prc, udp, udf, fn, fnc) if possible and put them on the database where it needs to. if you want to make it as part of the template, add them on the model database.

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