Log files separated from data files

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14 Jun 2006 01:05 AM
Hi there
My name is Pedro,

I would like to know if same one can help me with this:

I need to put my data files separated from my log files.
When i install sql server 2000 , the setup only asks for the location where the Data files and log files should be placed.
It doesn´t give me an oportunity to separate de data files from the log files.
When I got and make this task from the setup it only let´s me put the data and log files on the same directory.
Does any one knows how can i put the log files in one directory and the datafiles on other directory?

Thank you,


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New Member

14 Jun 2006 01:42 AM
In EM, right-click servername and choose Properties, then under Database Settings are places to set default location for any new databases.

For existing databases, you can do backup and a restore or detach/reattach. The RESTORE command has options to move the physical files, as does the SP_ATTACH_DB command. See Books Online for syntax.
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14 Jun 2006 03:42 AM
Hi Michael Eschenburg.

Thank you very mutch for the reply.
I have understood your solution.
But i still have one question.
You told me that wiith existing databases(user databases) i can for exemple do a attach/reatach, but what about the system database as the master, how can i make the separation between the datafile and the log file?

Best Regards,

Pedro Ribeiro

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