Passing Variables to Child DTS Package

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03 May 2010 06:05 AM
I inherited a SQL Server 2000 database and I need to use DTS. In particular, I need to take a value that I store in the Parent Package's Global Variables and pass it to a Child Package. I have been various forums but I cannot find anything that describes how you pass values from Parent to Child packages.

What I have tried so far is to create a global variable in the Child Pkg called "Received_Value". I have a global variable in the Parent called "Received_Value" (both of the same type). I load the parent variable with a value. In the Child package, on the "Outer Package Global Variables", I dropped it down and selected "Received_Value". I tried running it like this and nothing was passed.

Then I used a Dynamic Properties task to pass the Parent's Value to the Child's value. That did not work.

Then I tried using a Inner Package Global Variable and a Dynamic Properties task to pass the value to it. That did not work.

One of the problems I am having is that I don't know the difference between the Inner Package and Outer Package Global Variables in the Execute Package Task and there does not seem to be any documentation on it.

I scoured the SQLDTS.COM site but could not find an explanation of how it is done with the Execute Package Task. (they did have an explanation on ActiveX, but I would prefer not go that direction).

Can someone point me in the right directions? Thanks!

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07 May 2010 03:31 AM
Unfortunately I don't have specifics but if it can be done I would be suprised if this site didn't have any info on it:
And have a look at this article:

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