ActiveX write to file issue

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19 Dec 2007 12:07 AM
We have a sql server 2000 job that invokes a DTS. A log file has been specified for the job.
Now we are using ActiveX script(using objTextFile.WriteLine) within the DTS to write to the same log file depending on certain conditions that happen within the DTS.
Now, the issue is that if I use the same log file in DTS as is being used in the job, it is not able to write to the file and just prints all boxes (?). If I use a different log file, it is able to write.
But I need to be able to write to the same log file.

Any suggestions
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New Member

20 Dec 2007 02:55 PM
Write 2 files.

Merge them at an appropriate moment.

Kalman Toth, Database Architect
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