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23 Apr 2008 08:17 AM
I have a DTS package that truncates then refreshes my sql tables with approx 2million records in each table. This data is comming from an outside data source(unidata) via an OLEDB connection. Instead of truncating and then completely refreshing the tables each time I run the package, which takes hours, how do I tell the DTS package to look for newly added records only from the source data and then add these records to my SQL tables.

Thank You.
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23 Apr 2008 11:12 PM
This is the logic you need to work out:

insert into dbo.DestTable (field1, field2,....)
Select SourceTable.field1, SourceTable.field2....)
from SourceTable
where SourceTable.recTimeStamp not in (select
recTimeStamp from DestTable)

Probably best to load everything into a brand new table with no indexes. Do the INSERTs from there.

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