General Network Error SQL2000 SP3a Win2003 SP1

Last Post 22 Jun 2006 05:15 AM by TAMartin. 0 Replies.
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22 Jun 2006 05:15 AM
OS - Win 2003 Enterprize SP1
SQL - SQL 2000 Enterprize SP3a AWE enabled

We upgraded our db server to Win 2003 several days ago. Since then we have seen random failures of DTS transform tasks between database servers on different networks. Somtimes they work and sometimes they do not. Running the package via EM we can see the connect and the data transfer begin, then a failure due to a general network error. We have reviewed and applied KB 899599, but do not know if this will solve the problem. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this problem and may know of a solution.


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