DTS to Excel issues

Last Post 05 Mar 2006 03:08 PM by dbhwz. 0 Replies.
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05 Mar 2006 03:08 PM
I've created an Excel template with a graph that I use to create a report once a day from my database.
The issue is that I need the data to start printing below my graph and under my heading. I noticed that if it starts inserting new records in the line where its no data....In the beginning I used some test data and got the graph working, but if I deleted the text without "moving the cells up" on delete the DTS inserts the data on the line below where I had my data before deletion (did that make sense?)

So now I got everything working except for one thing. I got my header on line 40. Line 41 got nothing in them...I deleted that line over and over, but my DTS always start at line 42 which makes the graph calculation one line short.

Does anyone know a way to force DTS to start on a certain line, or how do we ensure that the line is empty. Can I check the source code of excel somehow?

thanks for any help on this...

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