Dynamically Set Text File Source Path

Last Post 25 Oct 2006 05:33 AM by mcmcom. 1 Replies.
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17 Apr 2006 07:20 AM
I need some assistance setting up a global variable that will be used to specify the path of a text file as my data source. I have accomplished this in the past, but cannot duplicate. In what order do I add the Dynamic Property and the Text File (Source) - or does it even matter?

Every time I set the data source value for the txt file within the Dynamic Properties task to use my global variable, it still retains the 'hard coded' Default Value which was required to add the Text File (Source) to my package in the first place. At the same time, after setting the Data Source to use my global variable, if I open the Text File (Source), the FileName is still hardcoded whereas it should be blank.

TIA --

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25 Oct 2006 05:33 AM
i am having a similar problem. So lets say i have this activeX script in here now, do i then have to add "@source" to the package properties as a global variable? and thats it, i re-named my Connection Name here to the name of the source text file conn but does = "\\Server\PathToFile" have to be changed in any way or will the globalVariables handle that?


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