Replicating a copy of an AS2000 database

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10 Jan 2006 04:44 AM

We currently have a DW with a whole bunch of cubes. We have ProClarity on top for reporting with the users on another continent using a WAN connection to retrieve the data. The problem is that this connection can be quite slow and this is impacting on their ability to extract the data. They have therefore decided, that they require a local copy of the cubes to work with. Now, I would not like to duplicate the Whole DW and all the data load procedures, but would like to look at a method of just replicating the Cubes so that all new updates will be reflected on their side.

As far as I know, AS 2000 doeas not have anything like this, neither does AS2005(?). One suggestion has been to look at a disk mirroring application to transport the data across the WAN and update the disk on the otherside.

Has anyone done something like this before and can give me some suggestions?
Many Thanks
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23 Feb 2006 06:21 AM
One method that has worked very well is the backup and restore copies of the databases to various locations. Though this is very primitive, in a MOLAP environment this works rather well. Of course, space, size, security, and time considersations are all in play here, but if you can work with the downsides, we have found it to be very reliable for subscribers of "published" AS databases.

Another approach would be to use ROLAP and replicate your relational data using SQL Replication. AS2005 has some really cool features like event driven notification when new data arrives which can then spark updates of aggregations on your subscriber side.


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