OLAP Cubes not reprocessing

Last Post 07 Jun 2005 01:55 AM by SQLUSA. 2 Replies.
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16 Feb 2005 12:53 AM
We have a server running both SQL Server 2000 and Analysis Services.

There are two OLAP cubes on the server which are reprocessed daily without any problems. Over the few weeks I have come in on a couple of occasions and found that neither of the cubes have been reprocessed. There are no errors in Windows Event Log. The task executes correctly for 7-10 days and then will not execute fully. The refresh task is triggered via a DTS task scheduled as a job in the SQL Server Agent, on viewing the job there is a status of executing, in the directory where the cube files exist there is no change in the data.

To remedy the problem I cancel the job, stop/start the SQLOlapService and reprocess the cubes via Analysis Services or leave it to run the next night.

Does anybody have any similar experiences to this and any permanent solutions as the task to refresh the cubes during the day can be time consuming?

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05 Apr 2005 08:38 AM

Try installing or re-installing SP3 for Analysis Services.
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07 Jun 2005 01:55 AM
You would really have to nail down the reason why it is happening.

Could it be data? Some dimensions don't process right?

OLAP service? How frequently do you reboot the server?

Kalman Toth, SQL Guru

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