Change Aggregate Function in Cubes

Last Post 25 Jul 2005 05:10 AM by RoBaronetto. 0 Replies.
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25 Jul 2005 05:10 AM
I'm working with a cube about Loans. I made many calculations like Cancelation Avg Period, I solved it using Excel functions (NPER), another is Average Rate, but it's different depending on time. I solved this calculation by Month through calculated cells but I didn't find how to solve it if I have accumulated months because it consists on multiplications month by month.

I have Jul 2004 - Aug 2004 - Sep 2004 - Oct 2004 like an Accumulated Period

The calculation would be:
Avg Rate Period = (1 + Avg Rate Jul2004) * (1 + Avg Rate Aug2004) * (1 + Avg Rate Sep2004) * (1 + Avg Rate Oct2004)

So, I try to apply Custom Rollup, the Rollup Children function, Rollup Operators but all these are for children into a parent-child hierarchy... I have this as an indicator, into an Indicator Dimension, also I have Time Dimension and Period Dimension...

I was reading about user-defined functions to create this with a setToArray function, but I'm not completly convinced it's the solution to this calculation.

I hope anyone can help me.

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